So this is blogging…



On a recent trip to Las Vegas, my husband and I decided to take in a comedy show. As luck would have it, one of the comedians used his experience of therapy and the relationship with his therapist as the central feature of his routine. I won’t spoil it for you, but the gist was: therapists be crazy! That may be an easy (and predictable) place to lead a punchline, but the larger truth is that therapists (naturally) are people too. We have good days and bad days, self-awareness and blind spots, gifts and quirks and challenges like everybody else.

One of the main challenges I face right along with my clients concerns change. The new, the strange, the unfamiliar; long past the point when doing what we’ve always done stops working, we all find ways to resist – or at least delay – the call to do something different. Of course life’s proficiency at throwing curve balls ensures that “change is the only constant” — but beyond having to reactively cope with the curve balls, I think there’s also value in pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, choosing to take on the new, the strange, the unfamiliar.

Which brings us to this blog. Many (many!) things have changed in the nearly 20 years since I started working as a therapist, not least of which is the way technology has expanded our avenues for self-expression and the imparting of information. My intention for this blog (beyond challenging myself to learn something new), is that it will do a little bit of both: offer a place for me (and you) to express thoughts, impressions, musings and experiences, and also a place for me (and you) to impart information about topics relevant to therapy, or topics relevant to life.

As with any venture into uncharted waters, there’s safety in numbers! I hope you’ll join me.